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The CBD Bomb - Chocolate honey for anxiety, pain, tension

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CBD, the Zang way. Single dose, cost effective, tasty, simple.

CBD has been touted as having benefits for relieving anxiety. It's also been known to help for pain, often caused by tension. You may have heard of these benefits of CBD and been keen to try it, but who can afford hundred's of rands on something to try? A single CBD Bomb is affordable! Try one. Or ten! And keep a couple in your wallet, a couple in your car and a couple in your bag.

And it's delicious, no herby grassy taste here! We used some top quality organic cocoa powder in honey, so The CBD Bomb tastes like delicious chocolate ganache or hot chocolate sauce.

What's in it?
  • Honey
  • Cocoa powder
  • Full Spectrum CBD Distillate (20mg)
Does it work?
  • Anxiety - CBD can alleviate feelings of anxiety, nervousness and depression. It may not get rid of monsters under the bed, but it may calm the bad thoughts in your head.
  • Pain - CBD can ease pain, especially headaches. CBD can increase anandamide (the bliss molecule) improving mood and pain perception, and it can also reduce inflammation, easing pain. [2]
  • Tension - Tense muscles usually cause pain and require a trip to the massage therapist or a nice long holiday. But if you'd rather grit your teeth than get undressed, CBD can ease tension in muscles and help you chillax.
  • Post workout - CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation,  and help relieve delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise induced muscle damage. Or, CBD can help if you walk like Yoda after a workout, since its healing properties are known to reduce muscle pain, bodily aches and inflammation.
  • Stopping smoking - A study showed that CBD reduced cigarette consumption, by 40%. [1] So instead of a 20 pack, get a 10 pack of CBD Bomb.

CBD distillate, isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum? What's in CBD Bomb?

We are using a broad spectrum CBD distillate, not isolate, because distillate, although a little more expensive, includes "the entourage" of helpers, such as Cannabidavarin / CBDV and Cannabigerol / CBG that make CBD more effective. It contains 0% THC, so no "high." Also, you can view the certificate of analysis (COA) in the images. This is a laboratory report on exactly what is in our CBD. Not just "premium grade" like some other guys.

The nerdy stuff

What's the dose of CBD in CBD Bomb?

Legally in South Africa, 20mg is the maximum dose, so we put 20mg of CBD distillate blend in The CBD Bomb. We're not going to short change you with tiny amounts.

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  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7204604/
Quantity: Box of 20

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