The CBD Choc Bar – 60mg


CBD. Chocolate. A match made in heaven. Get 60mg of CBD distillate (the expensive kind) in delicious 65% hand made chocolate. A mini-slab with 3 day’s doses, without that CBD flavour. Limited stock available.

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CBD is getting more and more popular as people discover its benefits. We have personally felt the benefits when it comes to tension, pain and anxiety. While most people think ZOL when they hear CBD, it does not make you high. That’s THC, and that’s another story.

There are different kinds of CBD, most popular is isolate and distillate. Isolate is only CBD (Cannabidiol) and is cheaper. Distillate is also called full spectrum, as it is a plant extract that contains majority CBD, but also some of the other ingredients such as CBN and CBG which make it all work better. It’s called the entourage effect. What would Kim Kardashian be without her family?

Legally in South Africa, a maximum of 20mg of CBD per day is allowed. So before you buy a CBD product, check how much CBD you are actually getting. 5mg of isolate is not going to help as much as 20mg of distillate.

So now that you are a CBD expert, let me tell you about chocolate. It’s delicious.

The end.


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