The CBD Bomb – Anti anxiety, pain, tension

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The CBD Bomb. A single dose of 20mg of high quality CBD in a delicious natural chocolate flavoured honey for R40. It’s the bomb.

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CBD, the GoPack way. Single dose, cost effective, tasty, simple.

CBD has been touted as having benefits for relieving anxiety. It’s also been known to help for pain, often caused by tension. You may have heard of these benefits of CBD and been keen to try it, but who can afford hundred’s of rands on something to try? The CBD Bomb is R40. Try one. Or ten! And keep a couple in your wallet, a couple in your car and a couple in your bag.

What about the dose? Legally in South Africa, 20mg is the maximum dose, so we put 20mg of CBD distillate blend in The CBD Bomb. We’re not going to short change you with tiny amounts.

What about the quality? We are using a broad spectrum CBD distillate, not isolate, as distillate, although a little more expensive, includes “the entourage” of helpers, such as Cannabidavarin / CBDV and Cannabigerol / CBG that make CBD more effective. It contains 0% THC, so no “high.” Also, you can view the certificate of analysis (COA) in the images. This is a laboratory report on exactly what is in our CBD. Not just “premium grade” like some other guys.

What about the taste? We used some top quality cocoa powder in honey, so The CBD Bomb tastes like delicious chocolate. Like ganache or hot chocolate sauce.

What can CBD be used for?

  • Stopping smoking. With a shortage of cigarettes, many are looking at some kind of resolution. A study showed that CBD reduced cigarette consumption, by 40%. [1] So instead of a 20 pack, get a 10 pack of CBD Bomb.
  • Anxiety. CBD can alleviate feelings of anxiety, nervousness and depression.
  • Pain. CBD can ease pain, especially headaches.
  • Tension. Tense muscles usually cause pain and require a trip to the massage therapist. But CBD can ease tension in muscles.

When is it available? Now!!!

The CBD Bomb is also available on Le Marche.



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3 reviews for The CBD Bomb – Anti anxiety, pain, tension

  1. Frank

    Amazing product, the calming effect is incredible! Well worth it!

  2. Megan Churchill

    The CBD Bomb is the BOMB!! From the minute you snap this pack open and get a mouthful of the indulgent chocolate you can’t help but feel happy. This is my new go to for when I have too much on my mind and can’t sleep to when I feel I’m drowning at work. I highly recommend this.

  3. Dylan

    Yeah good product

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