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    The CBD Bite – Dark Chocolate with 10mg CBD distillate

    Zang’s new CBD Bite is CBD, in a bite sized chocolate. Simple. Easy. Tasty. 10mg of CBD Distillate in 14grams of delicious bean-to-bar handmade 71% dark chocolate.

    Good for anxiety, pain and tension, it’s affordable CBD in a “keep it in your desk drawer” or “I know its in my handbag somewhere” package.

    Buy a box of 24 for 10% discount.


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    Zang Hot Chocolate – 1kg

    Snow. Clouds. Fire. Hot chocolate. Goes together like peanut butter and jam. Work mornings? Not so much.

    But it’s cold, and you have to go to work, and you’re tired. Enter Zang Hot Chocolate. It’s like a fireplace on your desk.

    1kg of delicious Cocoafair hot chocolate with a little caffeine.