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    The CBD Bite – Chocolate with 10mg CBD distillate – Vegan

    Zang’s new CBD Bite is CBD (Cannabidiol), in a bite sized chocolate. Simple. Easy. Tasty. 10mg of CBD Distillate in 14 grams of delicious bean-to-bar, handmade, vegan 71% dark chocolate.

    Good for anxiety, pain and tension, it’s affordable CBD in a delicious chocolate package.

    Buy a box of 20 for 10% discount.

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    The Anti Hangover – Prevent, recover

    The Anti Hangover is the easy to use, tastes great, take it anytime, always have it on you hangover remedy. The Anti Hangover is made with all natural ingredients, so you can bounce back from the effects of alcohol, and you can finally forget what “the day after” means. Oh, and it tastes like pancakes.

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    The CBD Bomb – Anti anxiety, pain, tension

    The CBD Bomb. A single dose of 20mg of high quality CBD in a delicious natural chocolate flavoured honey for R40. It’s the bomb.

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    The Immuno Kick – Anti Viral Immune Booster

    The ImmunoKick uses pelargonium, licorice, olive leaf and propolis, all in honey, to work together to fight virusus and flu and give your immune system a kickstart.

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      The Power Up – Energy, focus, stamina

      The Power Up provides long lasting energy and focus without the crash. Oh, and it tastes like chocolate. Completely natural, it is supplied in a convenient snap pack.

      The Power Up has been used by cyclists and Crossfit athletes, and has improved performance considerably, but it also works for keeping focus, helping people study or do admin for longer than …

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      The Zen Master – Anti anxiety, anti stress

      The Zen Master is the easy to use, tastes great, take it anytime, always have it on you anxiety and stress fix. A natural supplement that works for panic attacks, sleep issues and tension.

      But does it work?

      We’ve used it for business stress, dealing with taxi’s on the road and having a 3 year old screaming at you after waking up …