The History of Zang

The History of Zang

Zang Chocolate is delicious chocolate with added caffeine, about the same as cup of coffee. Without the walk to the kettle.

One of the few caffeinated chocolates in the world, it is adored by students and moms, cyclists and CEO’s. It is convenient, and above all tasty. And now Zang is exploring new healthy stuff we can make tasty and easy.

Made by Cocoafair, the bean-to-bar guys, Zang has the enviable position of being QUALITY chocolate. No weird chemicals, fats or flavourants here, just good chocolate. With a Kick.

And while it is fun to eat chocolate, it’s also fun to experiment with chocolate. Like chocolate for sleep. Or chocolate for anxiety. Or chocolate for PMS. (But isn’t that already a thing?)

Stay tuned for what’s coming next.