Energy Bite - Does it work?

  • Theobromine – Usually found in cacao, or chocolate, theobromine is similar to caffeine, except instead of constricting the blood vessels like caffeine, it dilates the blood vessels, allowing more blood flow, which means more oxygen, which means more brain power and energy. It gives energy like caffeine, but lasts 5 times as long, and therefore doesn’t give the “jitters.”  It also has the great effect of improving respiratory action, reducing persistent coughs.[1] Cacao usually has about 2% theobromine, Power Up has 10% extract for extra power.
  • Guarana – Guarana extract is well known in most energy drinks and bars for providing caffeine. We are not using guarana for that alone as studies [2] have shown that Guarana has more benefits than just the caffeine and theobromine it contains, especially in brain power. Also, the caffeine content is equivalent to half a cup of coffee, so no shakes and jitters here.