CBD Bite - Does it work?

Firstly, flavour. Zang's CBD Bite is specially made in a 12 hour process that transfers cocoa mass onto the CBD (cannabidiol) particles, coating them in flavour, so there is no "dang, that's herby" reaction. Made with 71% dark chocolate made by bean-to-bar manufacturer Cocoafair in Cape Town, its also vegan, and yet super chocolatey, not super grassy.

Secondly, dose. Most CBD chocolate's are made by adding CBD oil to chocolate after the chocolate is made. And even if your whisking skills could win Masterchef, making sure 10 milligrams of CBD is in every bite, is a little hit and miss. We don't like playing CBD roulette. So our 12 hour process mixes the CBD through the entire batch, better than Gordon Ramsay.

Third, top notch CBD. We use CBD distillate, which is more expensive, but has more than just CBD, to ensure greater efficacy. It's like The Avengers. Iron Man is great, but it doesn't hurt to have a little Black Widow and Thor on your side. 0% THC though, we left Dr Strange at home.

The guys in white coats say "Overall, existing preclinical evidence strongly supports the potential of CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders." [1][2] Or, "CBD can help you chill", in normal people language. Made with love in Cape Town.