Our delicious story

ZANG is a great example of "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."

Zang Chocolate was started in about 2014 as a Pick Me Up in a chocolate. Good chocolate had caffeine added, and became a great chocolate. The company grew in leaps and bounds and had some interesting marketing, and soon was available almost everywhere. However, after a good run, it was bought out in 2019.

GoPack was started in 2018 and made The Anti Hangover and The Zen Master, two products in innovative packaging. A slow gradual start, but well received. Then The Power Up was added, which was a chocolate Pick Me Up.

Wait a minute, where have I heard that? And so obviously, it became clear that Zang Chocolate and GoPack should join forces, and become Gang. No. ZangPack? No. Just Zang!

Based in Cape Town, ZANG aims to make tasty supplements that work. Hangover fixes that taste like pancakes, energy that tastes like chocolate, and...

Well, we have a couple other ideas.

Our history

A timeline of our story

ZANG Chocolate

Zang Chocolate was started in about 2014 as a Pick Me Up in a chocolate.


We started working on GoPack in 2017, slowly developing the products, the designs, the marketing, the logo. Our final logo design was on a pizza box - that's what they're for, right?

GoPack launched in 2018 and made The Anti Hangover and The Zen Master. Then The Power Up was added, which was a Pick Me Up in chocolate.

Zang was bought out in 2019 after a good run.

Zang again

New and improved Zang

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The full history of ZANG

ZANG began in 2014

Zang Chocolate is delicious chocolate with added caffeine, about the same as cup of coffee. Without the walk to the kettle.

One of the few caffeinated chocolates in the world, it is adored by students and moms, cyclists and CEO’s. It is convenient, and above all tasty. And now Zang is exploring new healthy stuff we can make tasty and easy.

Made by Cocoafair, the bean-to-bar guys, Zang has the enviable position of being QUALITY chocolate. No weird chemicals, fats or flavourants here, just good chocolate. With a Kick.

And while it is fun to eat chocolate, it’s also fun to experiment with chocolate. Like chocolate for sleep. Or chocolate for anxiety. Or chocolate for PMS. (But isn’t that already a thing?)

Meanwhile, over at GoPack

Two brothers, 9000 hangovers, a dysfunctional family and a lot of stress. The obvious ingredients to starting a business.

We have worked together over the years doing things as diverse as starting a security business with wireless alarms, built industrial contraptions, tried to manage programmers, even joining the family business of health supplements.

After the inevitable family feud, we were ousted from the family business unceremoniously, and kicked into the world like newborns, being told Go!

And Go we did. With every sob story comes life lessons, and we, along with our loving wives, used our experience to solve the biggest problems in the world: Hangovers, anxiety and energy. And so, we built GoPack: single shot Snaps for hangovers, anxiety and energy.

No one likes taking pills, so we solved that. Each Snap is in special EasySnap packaging that holds liquid, so you don’t need to buy a bottle of water just to take your pills.

No one likes stuff that tastes like sweaty feet, so we solved that. The Anti Hangover tastes like pancakes with cinnamon and lemon. The Calm Bomb tastes like a chocolate liqueur, and the Energy Bomb tastes like chocolate.

No one likes spending half their wages on trying a supplement, so we solved that. Who wants to spend hundreds of bucks on a bottle of tablets they don’t know will work? Snap’s are cheap and sample size. Try it, and if you don’t like it, well, you took a shot, they can’t all be winners.

And no one likes being pricked and prodded by a guy with goggles and a lab coat, so we solved that. ZANG Snap’s are easy to understand. If you have a hangover, take one, if you don’t, don’t. It’s called self diagnosis.

One last ingredient in the ZANG business is fun and laughter. Our jokes are inappropriate, our glasses generally full, and our dress code comfy.