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Crossfit and working out on Power Up - "It made a huge difference in my performance."

Jaco Brits is a professional personal trainer and athlete that tested Power Up, and liked it so much, we sponsored him. In his initial tests working out with a heart...

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Chocolate - everything you never knew you didn't know

Chocolate is loved the world around. But there's so much more to know. What does that percentage on the package mean? Is it good for you? What's cacao? Should I...

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Theobromine - What are its benefits and uses?

Theobroma Cacao. That's the official name of the tree that give us cocoa. It translates to "Food of the gods." And that it is. No only is chocolate delicious and...

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ZANG recognised for innovation in chocolate by Mintel

ZANG's Power Up Bite was recognised for innovation in "better-for-you" functional chocolate category by global research company Mintel. Mintel is the leading market intelligence agency in the world, and monitors...

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Is chocolate good or bad for sleep?

There is much conflicting information about chocolate and sleep, even by some "trustworthy" sources. Some articles say it is bad for insomnia because of the caffeine in cocoa, or the...

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