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Free Shipping in South Africa on orders over R500
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Power Up works for cycling the Double Century

Whether cycling for fun or professionally, we all need a little extra energy. So how does Power Up stack up against gels and such? Well, we asked a couple of friends to give it a try, on the Coronation Double Century, a 200 kilometre cycle race in Swellendam.

The Outta Liners "powering up"

Lee Redford - "My heart rate dropped by 20bpm"

"I used to use Gels when I first started riding, and felt the benefit  immediately but found that I had to continue using them throughout my ride,  until my stomach did not enjoy them. So I stopped using them altogether for years. 

That was until our Double Century team got a sponsor from GoPack. After a cracking presentation from Blake and Matthew, who convinced us of all the natural products used, and the benefits without the side effects.  I thought "What's there to lose?”

We did a 100km team ride, and I took The Power Up 10km before going up Suikerbossie. My heart rate dropped by 20 beats per minute, my speed increased by 5 km/h and overall I felt fantastic.  I couldn’t believe the difference as well as there being no side effects, like feeling ill. I must admit, I still wasn’t a believer, as all the training I had done surely had an impact on this as well. 

I continued to use The Power Up for all my rides and races, and still I wasn’t sure, until one day I forgot them at home. I was fatigued,  at least 10% less power,  my heart rate was higher as well. 

After using The Power Up now for over 6 months, as well as my team of 12, we all talk about it. In fact just this weekend, a team member forgot his at home, he’s a professional rider, and was blown out the back of the group within 20km. I will never use another product for riding or any triathlons I do, and in fact my wife even uses them instead of coffee, just to make it through the morning school runs and days with the kids.

All natural,  taste great as well. Amazing Product."

Quite a review, thanks Lee.

Cycling the Double Century cycle race on Power Up

Simon Fairbank - "100 times better than other products"

"Hey Blake. Firstly, great product. I must say, the packaging and the application for use is 100 times better than other products on the market. Simple to use while on the bike with zero mess or sticky residue left on you hands as with other products. 

I really liked the taste, and I also found that after a race it didn’t leave me with a “dodgey” tummy. On a +\-105km race/ride I would use one 20min before the start, and then a second half way in, to maintain my energy and focus levels for the remainder of the ride. 

I have been using them pre Double Century race and I will continue to use them. I use them each and every time I’m going for a ride of 50km or more. Last weekend I forgot them at home before a race and I didn’t feel I had the same focus and energy levels. 

Definitely a great product."

Grant Mitchell - "I took two hours off my time"

Grant (@grant_fluffy_mitchell) also liked Power Up.

"I did the Double Century in 2018 in a time of 8 hours 38 minutes. In 2019, I did it in 6 hours 31 minutes, two hours less, MASSIVE!

We did have a stronger team, but nutrition and training played a big part in which I trained on Power Up for the entire build up. On the day I consumed about 8-10 Power Ups with absolutely no side effects, but all the benefits.

I personally had never felt stronger, and towards the 190km mark, I was able to sit at the front and pull the lads along at 45km/h.

The training we did around Killarney was brutal because it was flat out for an hour. The team felt the Power Up benefit us here as well as on the long distance rides."

Amazing stories, even if we did have to hear about upset stomachs and pulling lads. Thanks guys, and congratulations.

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