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Every cloud has a silver lining. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. To go up, you must first go down. And other cliche’s. We’ve heard them, we’ve repeated them to ourselves. And yet, when you are going through a rough patch, it’s hard to see the positive’s that will come of it.

When a family business goes sour, it really tests your faith in humanity, but we never knew how many really cool people would take a chance on us or help out. So we want to thank them and acknowledge that we are not getting there by ourselves.

From 0 to 1, you can't do it alone. So thanks! 1

We started working on GoPack in 2017, slowly developing the products, the designs, the marketing, the logo. Our final logo design was on a pizza box at Unwined, appropriate since they have been the cause of many a hangover. And when our products were manufactured, they also took a chance on us and were our first stockist. We also have been helped, commiserated with and inspired by all the other locals there. Thanks Grant and Faye.

After another shitty day in court, we thought “F**k it” and approached Roeland Liquors to stock our stuff. Worst case, we could at least buy some beer. But not only did Manie stock our product, he also gave us advice, and introduced us to Woodstock Liquors, who became our first distributor. Woodstock Liquors gave us credibility, and helped us stock the stores they had on their customer list. Thanks Manie, Inacio and Claire.

And then all our friends who started “sharing, liking and subscribing” on social media. You really got us going, inspired us, wind beneath our wings and all that. We notice, we like. Thanks.

El Burro have long been friends who also have food, and their advice and guidance on the retail space has been invaluable, as well as being willing to mess with their stunning decor at Cabrito by putting up our posters. Thanks Nic and Rene.

Cocoafair has been integral to our progress, and we really appreciate them thinking of us in every business meeting, sharing our products with friends, helping to improve our formulations, setting us up with our Johannesburg distributor, and some big retailers. (Watch this space.) Can’t say enough good things about these guys. Oh, also, they make really good chocolate. Thanks Heinrich and Ninette.

Our business friends from the past, Eirene Health Shop and Reddam Pharmacy, were willing to ignore all the drama from the past and put our products front and centre. Thanks Christo and Redaa.

We want to thank the stores who took a chance on our unknown products. Barkeeper stocked us and let us do promotions in store. Wine and Company in Hermanus stocking our product before even trying it. Tops in Kloof St, Tops in Aurora, Tops at Ribeiros and Tops Vredehoek all took a chance, and were the first of the 55 Spars we are now stocked in. Seaside Pharmacy stocked us and helped us learn how to work with pharmacies. Which led to LiteKem in Camps Bay, who listened to our sales pitch, decided and paid in 13 minutes and became one of our best stores. These are just some of the outlets who have been super helpful. Thanks guys!

Liquor City Somerset West has also been a massive help. He got us listed with Liquor City, and we were able to get 7 new stores in 1 day thanks to him. He also put us in touch with the right stores in Johannesburg so we are growing there as well. Thanks Clive.

We are also thankful to our distribution partners who are out there learning with us, celebrating the highs, and sharing the *!@#&%* lows. Thanks Danie, Claire, Sharon and Murray.

We also appreciate our immediate family who have been willing to help the business in whatever way necessary, (except sales).

We want to thank the other busy reps out there who have given us advice, pointed us to the right stores, given us intros. Nice to get the feeling we are all in this together. Thanks!

We also want to thank the business giants we happened to meet randomly who have been willing to take time to help mentor us, and help us get so much further faster. We REALLY appreciate it. (You know who you are!)

Faith in humanity restored!

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