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Jaco Brits is a professional personal trainer and athlete that tested Power Up, and liked it so much, we sponsored him.

In his initial tests working out with a heart monitor, he said that he previously could maintain maximum effort and maximum heart rate for about 5 minutes out of 16 minutes. The first time he used Power Up, he maintained maximum effort the full 16 minutes. “Unbelievable, especially from a natural product” was his response.

Crossfit and working out on Power Up - "It made a huge difference in my performance." 1

Being a sponsored athlete by @wardlinde and @gopacksa made a huge difference in my performance. Waking up at 4am on week days and having to hit the gym after an active days work can take its toll.

With the Power Up, I’m able to snap, drink and have energy straight away. Awesome thing about this product is the Theobromine, energy which is like caffeine but lasts 5 times as long and therefore doesn’t give you the “jitters”.

The CBD oil helps with better sleep, fights inflammation and helps recovery. Knowing I’m going to have a good nights rest with the help of CBD gives me peace of mind. 

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