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Zang is a great example of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Zang Chocolate was started in about 2014 as a Pick Me Up in a chocolate. Delicious chocolate had caffeine added, and became a great chocolate. The company grew in leaps and bounds and had some interesting marketing, and soon was available almost everywhere. However, after a good run, it was bought out in 2019.

GoPack was started in 2018 and made The Anti Hangover and The Zen Master, two products in innovative packaging. A slow gradual start, but well received. The Power Up was added, which was a Pick Me Up in chocolate.

Wait a minute, where have I heard that? And so obviously, it became clear that Zang Chocolate and GoPack should join forces, and become Gang. No. ZangPack? No. Just Zang!

Based in Cape Town, Zang aims to make tasty stuff that works. Hangover fixes that taste like pancakes, energy that tastes like chocolate, and…

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.