Don't take tablets, have a chocolate!

It's 7am and the kids have exams

But it's OK. You slipped some ZANG Calm Bites in their backpacks, so they'll ace it. It's raining outside. Traffic is gonna be bad. No one can drive in the rain. You sneak a Calm Bite yourself and head out the door. The Dalai Lama has nothing on you.

It's 3pm...

...and you're starting to lag. You can't face another cup of coffee. And that Instagram video says energy drinks are super unhealthy. Time to sneak a nap under the desk?

Nope! You stashed that ZANG Energy Bite in your desk drawer. Suddenly everyone else is moving in slow motion, you send the best email of your life and get a raise from your boss.

Now it's 10pm.

The anxiety of staring at the ceiling is starting to build. You lay awake till 2am last night. But that sleeping pill makes you so slow the next day, you could run for US president.

Then you remember, "I have a ZANG Sleep Bite" in my bedside drawer. You eat it, you feel happy, and you drift off to dream of the weekend. But not before you make a note to order more ZANG.

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Pills are sooo last year...

We're tired of the old way of being healthy, popping pills. We've done it, we even made the pills. And then we said enough. But what were our options? Move to Fiji and go hug a tree? We need ways to be healthy that fit in with everyday real world life. So we made an Anti Hangover that you can take anytime and tastes like pancakes. We made chocolates to eat before bed that improve your sleep. We even made healthy "sleepy" hot chocolates you can "share" with your kids. And now, you can join our mission, to live in a world of tasty convenient supplements that actually work.

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